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When it comes to IT, PerITus Solutions is unlike other IT Solutions providers as we understand the particular requirements of Local Government.

The reason for this is that our staff have spent years working in the local government arena.  Not as 3rd party companies, or contractors but as local government officers.

We understand the nuances of Local Government the way in which things are done, and the relentless target driven environment in which you work.

We understand that services operate on limited resources and within tightly defined budgets.

We think the experience we have helps not only us, but you.

Understanding our customers means we can tailor our business to ensure we deliver solutions which match exactly your business goals and objectives.

We provide a large range of services tailor made for local government.


Whether it’s a one off job or the establishment of an IT partner PerITus Solutions can insure you get the best possible return of investment from your ICT purchases.

When you're with PerITus you know you've got:

Skill, Knowledge, Expertise.

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